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Tiara Air Aruba Seeks New Markets with Expansion



Tiara Air Aruba has added a Boeing 737-300 to their fleet, in addition to another development. At Reina Beatrix Aruba Airport, they recently Airport Hangarscelebrated the opening of large 131x98x31 pre-engineered hangar purchased from Allied Steel Buildings. The structure was designed specifically for their new Boeing 737 to receive routine maintenance. The project is part of an expansion to the South Side Terminal, which also includes an identical 131x98x31 hangar, new aprons and alternative runways. With tourism continuing to rise on the island, Tiara Air is working with the Aruba Airport Authority N.V. to make the island more accessible and reach new markets.

>The Muyale Family formed Tiara Air in 2006, after providing “ground handling” services to the Reina Beatrix Airport for over 30 years. CEO Alejando Muyale saw an opportunity for a national airline and successfully applied for a certification with the Department of Civil Aviation. He then purchased a fleet for Tiara Air with the intention of starting small and working up to larger markets. With the addition of the Boeing 737 and hangar, Tiara Air is expanding immediately. New destinations will be added in Colombia, Venezuela and the United States.

The hangar is one of the largest on the island with 12,838 sq. ft. of clear span space. It is complete with office space, storage space and features dust repellent floors and a state-of-the-art fire suppression system. The structure is large and accessible, Tiara Air’s Boeing 737 can easily maneuver in and out for maintenance required by regulators; it also provides security from harsh elements. Tiara Air fixated on a pre-engineered Allied Steel hangar in light of economic and environmental principles. Allied Steel Buildings specializes in modern hangars for civilian, military and commercial applications. They are durable and prefabricated with reduced material. The steel hangars support minimum construction costs and are easily equipped with fire suppression and detection systems. Chris Rucker, Allied Steel Director of International Accounts said, “There were many challenges that came with delivering a project this size internationally, our expert logistical team helped bring this project to its ultimate success.”

With prudent planning, Tiara Air is transitioning into an international competitor. At the same time, Tiara Air has equipped a Learjet 35A as an Air Ambulance. It contains the most advanced equipment available to provide safe and economical service to patients. Undeterred by their success of late, Tiara Air seeks to capture new markets in the future with their exceptional service. Tiara Air has remained true to their start-up strategy, not wavering from their slogan “On Time, Accommodating and Sympatico.”


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