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Liberty Baptist Church
Feature Building
A blessed series of events.
"After a lot of work, and with a lot of help from Island Buildings, Eddie P. and our congregation, we've got this building looking just like we want it too, the kids love it! "


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A New Home for Antigua's Island Academy

"The building is perfect, the price was right, and they did a great job of helping us get this building from the port in Miami to the port here in Antigua. Everything about it has been enjoyable."



Recyling in Kapolei, Hawaii...

Mr. Yamagata needed a sturdy building that could not only store big equipment for his environmental petroleum-recycling business in Kapolei, Hawaii; but could also handle against the unpredictable weather in the Pacific Ocean.  "Island Buildings provided us with the perfect solution."

Mr. Yamagata


Permeated facility in Honolulu, Hawaii .

Apart from a good price, the key to any customer’s being happy with a product they’ve received is the service.  Mr. Yardley will tell you that Island Buildings not only provided a great pre-fabricated steel building but a professional service for any situations that came about.

“I was very pleased with what I received from Island Buildings, and I already had a neighbor across the street from me come to us for a building.”

Mr. Yardley

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